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Useful Advice When Buying a Puppy

If you are thinking of buying a puppy but don’t know what questions to ask the details we have provided below are sure to help.

Looking for a new addition to your family is a huge and time consuming responsibility and one which you as new or repeat owners need to take a lot of time and care about both before, during and after the process.

Once you have decided on the dog or puppy that suits your lifestyle and found your chosen breeder to provide your new pet simply print off our checklist, get your pen ready and start ticking off these essential steps which we are confident will help you and your puppy and the integration required into your new home get off to the best possible start.

Download our checklist

Things to consider before going seeing the breeder:

Do plenty of prior research and make sure you pick the right breed for you and your family. There is a wealth of information out there but always make sure you check on the breeds general characteristics. Try to be careful to note the things that are most important to you. Don’t forget to be honest with yourself about what size of dog or breed of dog would best suit your home and circumstances.

When Buying your Puppy

  • Male or Female?

Always take our advice regarding the temperament of the puppies or dogs and consider carefully whether a boy or girl, dog or bitch is more suitable for you.

  • Food and Basics

Make sure you ask us what type of food your puppy is currently eating and have the basics ready for example food and water bowls and bed ready for your puppy coming home on its first day.

NB.  At Little Rascals we always provide a sachet of food with your puppy when you come along to purchase.  We also have a large stock of beds, bowls, trainer pads and other puppy and dog related requisites which can either be purchased upon your visit or using our online shop.

  • Accommodation/Travelling

You must have a carrier if you intend to travel your puppy for any length of time. It is unlikely to have travelled before leaving to your new home and most importantly if you go along to visit other family members on a regular basis it is now a legal requirement to travel your dog or puppy within a cage or carrier when travelling in your vehicle. We can provide pet carriers or cages etc on the day, from our shop. 

  • Has The Puppy Been Socialised?

Always ask if the puppy has been socialised especially of buying an older puppy. Is it used to being around children and other animals? Children and other pets must be introduced to your new puppy slowly and calmly to avoid any unnecessary stress or anxiety to the new puppy.

At Little Rascals our puppies see children and other pets every day. We encourage bringing your children with you also.

  • Feeding Instructions and Food For Your New Puppy?

At Little Rascals Pets Ltd we will supply you with the most ideal food for your puppy, this will often be Royal Canin Mini Junior but can sometimes be a slightly different diet including meat.

At Little Rascals, we give you a diet sheet and your first few days food to ensure your puppy has the best possible start in its new home environment.

  • Deposit Needed?

If the puppy you have chosen is not yet old enough to leave its mother you may need to leave a deposit to secure it. At Little Rascals you can rest assured your deposit is safe and secure. We take deposits from debit or credit card or cash and a receipt is given.

  • Care Instructions For Your New Puppy?

Always ask your breeder for full instructions on how to care for your puppy and if there are certain things you must do for different breeds eg regular grooming. At Little Rascals we give a care and advice sheet as part of your puppy pack.

  • Does Your Puppy Have A Vaccination Certificate?

Always ask if your puppy has been vaccinated and make sure you are given a vaccination certificate at time of purchase. At Little Rascals all our puppies are vaccinated by our local, senior, independent vet and we give you the puppies signed vaccination card as part of your puppy pack.

  • Is Your New Puppy Wormed and Flea Treated?

Always ask to see if your puppy has been wormed and flea treated. At Little Rascals we worm and flea treat all our puppies on a continual basis from 3 weeks old as worms and fleas are a cycle.

  • Free Insurance For You Puppy?

Always ask your breeder if your puppy comes with insurance. At Little Rascals every puppy goes to its new home with four weeks free Petplan insurance providing four weeks instant cover. (Conditions do apply and you will have to pay an excess if you make a claim). Please click here or the logo below for Petplan insurance

  • Getting Your New Puppy Microchipped?

Always ask if you puppy has been microchipped as this is an important part of your puppies safety and future wellbeing as they last a lifetime. At Little Rascals all our puppies are microchipped before leaving the premises. We register your details with the appropriate microchip database upon taking the puppy with you. This will last your puppies lifetime so you won’t have to think about it.

  • House Training Your New Puppy?

It is essential to house train your new puppy. There are many sources of information to help you with this. At Little Rascals we give advice and guidance on the best way to house train your puppy.