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Throughout the year Little Rascals UK often have Shichon puppies for sale. So, if you are looking into buying a Shichon please speak to us. We will be able to help you find your new Shichon puppy. If you have a long journey and are looking for a Shichon puppy near you “don’t worry”, why not use our delivery service.

Key Breed Facts

The Shichon breed is also commonly known by the names Tzu Frise, Zuchon, Teddy Bear and Shichon-Teddy Bear.

Lifespan: 10 – 12 years

Pedigree Breed Status: Not Pedigree – Hybrid Dog Breed

Males 22 – 30 cm
Females 22 – 30 cm

Males 3 – 6.8 kg
Females 3 – 6.8 kg

Breed Characteristics


small (4/10)


medium (6/10)


moderate (5/10)


low (2/10)


low (3/10)


very good (9/10)


average (6/10)

Cost to Keep

Average (5/10)

Being Alone

moderate periods (5/10)


below average (4/10)


The cross between the purebred dogs Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu, the Shichon, with its soft-toy looks, is a ‘cute’, densely-haired, fluffy, portable-size breed, having hanging ears, black nose, round button-eyes and mostly curly hair, has an adorable temperament, inheriting characteristics and hair colours from both or either of its parents.

Temperament and Behaviour

The Shichon, with their unique, affectionate and devoted personality, love living with their family members as a companion dog, and do not go for a kennels. Although, they are not unnecessary barkers, this alert breed makes them good guard dogs, barking to alert its owner’s family coming across strangers or intruders, and are good with other pets and children.


This dog need to be taken out regularly for walks. Because they are a boisterous playful breed they can meet with their exercise needs themselves, either playing around in an open (but enclosed) yard or inside the owner’s garden or apartment.


The easy-to-groom Shichon need regular care including hair-combing with soft-bristle brushes, as also trimming the coat once bimonthly for cleanliness and to avoid hair from getting entangled.  Bath them very rarely, only when actually necessary.  Also brush their teeth and check for ear redness and infections.

Health Problems

Other than being prone to minor issues like deafness.  this is generally one very healthy breed. But be sure to keep a check from time to time.


Although, it is easy to train the Shichon due to their inclination and wish to please their master. New owners must try train them constantly with their growing age to be bold, to get used to other pets/dogs and children.


Serve them dry kibble meant for active and small dogs. 1 ½ to 2 cups of healthy dog food, enriched with high nutrients, divided into two meals, is enough for this little one.  But remember that, canned and wet foods are dangerous for these dogs.  You can also bake them some chicken or turkey, meatloaf  and even mix  with oats, apples, parsley and eggs.

Mixes and Variants

The Shichon Poo is a much sought-after mixed breed (cross) between the Shichon and the toy poodle.

The Teacup Shichon is a smaller version, which is even smaller in size than the general size of this little dog.

For any advice on the best choice of puppy for you please call Little Rascals Pets on 01522 789191


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