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Throughout the year Little Rascals UK often have Pugalier puppies for sale.  So, if you are looking into buying a Pugalier please speak to us.  We will be able to help you find your new Pugalier puppy.  If you have a long journey and are looking for a Pugalier puppy near you “don’t worry”, why not use our delivery service

Key Breed Facts

The Pugalier breed is also commonly known by the names Cavapug.

Lifespan: 10 – 13 years

Pedigree Breed Status: Not Pedigree – Hybrid Dog Breed

Males 30 – 35 cm
Females 30 – 35 cm

Males 6 – 10 kg
Females 6 – 10 kg

Breed Characteristics


medium (5/10)


low (4/10)


easy (7/10)


Average (5/10)


medium (5/10)


good (8/10)


above average (7/10)

Cost to Keep

Average (5/10)

Being Alone

short periods (3/10)


Average (5/10)


The Pugalier is a hybrid of a pug and a cavalier king Charles spaniel. They are bred to retain the basic features of a pug with a slightly longer nose in an attempt to reduce the breathing problems that pugs are notorious for. They have become increasingly popular over the last 5-10 years. The aim of crossbreeding is to minimise the genetic risks and problems that can be present in purebred dogs.  First-cross Pugaliers will have the maximum genetic benefits associated with a hybrid dogs.


Similar looking to a Pug, but with a longer nose and longer ears. The skull is usually rounded like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Being a crossbreed, their appearance can vary significantly from dog to dog.


Fawn or black, with or without white or fawn markings.

Other Information

Moderate Maintenance: Regular grooming is required to keep its fur in good shape.

Moderate Shedding: Routine brushing will help. Be prepared to vacuum often!

Easy to Train: The Pugalier is good when it comes to training. Results will come gradually.

Fairly Active: It will need regular exercise to maintain its fitness. Trips to the dog park are a great idea.

Good with Kids: This is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them.

Good with Kids

Individual dogs will vary, but breeds that are good with children tend to be gentler and less likely to bite or become overly aggressive. Pugaliers are an excellent choice as they love children and love to play well with them.


While every dog is an individual and may stray from its breed’s stereotypical personality traits, a breed’s temperament can give you a general idea. Pugaliers are Affectionate, Friendly, Gentle, and Intelligent.

Feeding & Ownership

It is best to feed the Pugalier dry food as this breed is prone to tartar build up on their teeth. They do not like hot weather well, so make sure you keep them calm and avoid exercising them when it’s very warm.


With a very friendly affectionate nature, the Pugalier gets along well with children and other dogs. Pugaliers can be curious and are stubborn at times.  They are full of personality and will keep their owners entertained.


Pugaliers are intelligent and most of the time can be easy to train. Some Pugaliers are stubborn and will require regular consistent training to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Overall Exercise Requirement

Pugaliers require daily exercise, however it should not be too strenuous. Walking or visits to the dog park are perfect but make sure not to exercise them when it’s too warm.


Pugaliers are normally short coated, with a few wispy hairs. They do shed hair and will benefit from regular brushing to remove loose hairs. They should be groomed once a week as a general rule.

For any advice on the best choice of puppy for you please call Little Rascals Pets on 01522 789191


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