New Plans to Crack Down on Backstreet Puppy Breeders

Following the press release from DEFRA and The Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP on 2nd February 2017, we welcome the news on the crack down on backstreet breeders and new proposals being made within the legislation that will improve the welfare standards on animals.

Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited we believe that all breeders of dogs should be licensed and hold suitable qualifications regardless to how many litters a year they are breeding. Also any establishment, whether that be a house or kennels be held responsible for the care of any animals on their premises. Whether breeding or providing a service to the general public they should be required to obtain a license and regulated under the Animals Welfare Act 2006.

Little Rascals Pets Limited strongly believe that it is important that the care and welfare of all animals are always considered and that any person/establishment be held responsible for such care of these animals. This should also include those animals waiting for their new homes whether that is from the breeder or from a re-homing centre to name but a few. Regulations and licenses should be in place to ensure that both the animals and their new owners are sure that the best possible care has been provided.

For more information regarding the proposal visit the below link.

Click here for more information on DEFRA Press Release