Dog Breeding License 2017/2018

dog breeding license

We are pleased to announce receipt of our renewed dog breeding license within today’s post. 

The plans to toughen up laws around selling pets and breeding dogs, announced on 2 February, will come into force in 2018. They will make it illegal to sell puppies younger than eight weeks and require anyone breeding and selling three or more litters a year to apply for a formal license.  We believe that puppies should only leave for their new homes once they are ready to do so from around 9 weeks of age onwards ensuring they are ready for their new life.

Irresponsible breeders who don’t stick to these rules will face unlimited fine and/or up to six months in prison, says Defra. Which is welcomed news to ensure that all dog breeders that chose not to have the welfare of their animal at heart be held accountable.

Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited we welcome these tougher laws to make sure that new potential owners have the confidence that their new puppy’s welfare have been the breeder’s upmost concerns during those early weeks.

The new rules mean smaller establishments – sometimes known as “backstreet breeders” – as well as larger breeders, must meet strict welfare criteria to get a breeding license.  We work alongside the local authority and their vet to ensure that we not only meet these requirements but exceed them with the support of our own vet.

When the new laws come into force anyone trading commercially in pets will need to be properly licensed to ensure that the animals welfare has been adhere to and that the new owners have the reassurance that the breeders have been inspected to confirm that they are in abidance of these laws.