Choosing the Right Puppy for You

choosing the right puppy

Choosing the right puppy.

While it may be tempting to scoop up the adorable puppy upon viewing our puppies you need to make sure that you can meet the puppies needs as it grows. 
 Visit our breed information links located at the bottom of our website to see what breed would suit your lifestyle.  We recommend that any potential owners are aware of what breed of dog they are looking for prior to visiting.  You are welcome to call one of our experience staff and they will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Here at Little Rascals Pets limited we offer viewings on our puppies when they are between 7-8 weeks old.  This ensures that our puppies have some protection against nasty bugs that they may be being exposed to when new people come to visit. 

We operate a waiting list and potential new owners are contacted to inform them when our litters are available for viewing.

We recommend to bring the most practical member of the family with you or a friend you trust. It helps to have someone evaluate the puppies with you, as it is a big life decision and to ensure that you can meet the puppies requirement.


Discuss the health of the litter with the breeder.

A good breeder will be knowledgeable about the general health and demeanor of the litter. The breeder should be confident about the health of the mother pup.

The health of all our dogs and puppies are paramount to us and we work alongside our vet to ensure that the welfare of all our dogs are to the highest standard.

Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited we welcome potential new owners to visit our kennels during our opening times 9am-6pm weekdays and 9am-5pm weekends, no appointment required.  Spending time at our facility will ensure you that you can count on us to help you narrow down your choices within the litter. We have watched our puppies grow and by the time we are accepting viewing of our puppies we can advise which character would suit your family best.  We will know which pups are dominant or more of a handful, and which ones are shy or mischievous.


Identify which puppy personality type is right for you.

Consider the personality type you are looking for in your new dog. Are you and your family interested in an eager to please pup or a more independent pup? Discuss the personality types in the litter with one of our staff memeber. There are several personality types for puppies.

  • The dominant Puppy: the dominant puppy may seem very social and interactive at first. But notice if she steals toys from other puppies or plays rough. These are signs of determination, smarts, and will power, but the dominant personality may not fit your home life. You will need to have lots of time to challenge and take care of this puppy. So if you have other demands on your time or a lot of stress in your home life, the dominant puppy may not be for you or your family.
  • The Rebel: this type of pup is quick-thinking, fun-loving, and engaging. They may be playful and energetic like a bully pup, but more sensitive and less aggressive. Rebel pups will be personable, without being headstrong. So they are a good match for an active owner or a family with older children.
  • The Independent Thinker: this type of pup is interactive and playful, but also happy sitting or playing with a toy on their own. These pups are a good match for a home that is stable and calm, possibly with older owners or no children.
  • The Eager to Please: the eager to please puppy may seem obvious. After all, who doesn’t want an eager and excited pup? But you will need to be a direct and firm owner with eager to please pups. Lots of training and reinforcement will be needed for this personality type. But with good training and discipline, an eager to please pup can show you full cooperation. These pups are great companions for a family.
  • The Relaxed puppy: this personality type may be less intelligent than their siblings, but they will balance play, interaction and sleep well. They will also be a great fit for relaxed, easy going owners. Go for a relaxed pup if their personality fits their breed and you are looking to complement a home environment with young kids.
  • The Timid puppy: also known as the shy puppy, these guys are not born with a strong sense of self. So they may creep on their bellies towards you or arch their back in total submission. A timid pup will need a lot of time and patience to foster their self-esteem and get them comfortable around others. They are more suitable for single owners with lots of time for training and attention, rather than a family with children.

Keep in mind the breed of the dog will often affect their personality traits and type. Discuss the puppies’ personalities with us to get a better sense of how their breed corresponds with their personality.

Don’t try to convince yourself that a puppy that you like visually is the right puppy for you.  One of our team will talk you through which puppy would suit your family and don’t get offended if it is not the one you first pick.  Your new puppy is a lifelong commitment and a decision that should not be made lightly.


Interact with the pups one by one.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down we will look for you to interact with the puppy on a one to one bases.  This is so that we can make sure that the chosen puppy is the right one and also enable us to ensure that you are ready to make the commitment.  We will be observing you in how you and your family interact with the puppy.

  • Picking up the puppy, hug and cradle him. If he reacts by squealing and wiggling, this is not a good sign. But a small struggle at first, followed by quickly settling down and looking at you is a better sign.  Are you confident handling the puppy.
  • Touch the puppies on the paws, mouth, and ears to gauge their reaction. A puppy who has been handled from an early age won’t mind you touching them in these areas. You will need to check you puppy regularly to ensure that he is healthy and happy.
  • Sit or kneel on the ground and call the puppy to you. Snap your fingers or pat the ground to get the puppy’s attention. If he comes to you quickly, he may have a strong attachment to people.
  • If the pup gets distracted and doesn’t come to you right away, he may have an independent personality type.
  • If you have children we will be looking how they also interact with the puppy as the puppy will require rest time when in the home and your children will need to know that they can’t away keep up with them in the beginning.


Puppy’s Physical Health

Our Commitment

Here at Little Rascals we work endlessly with our vet to make sure that all of our dogs have the best start in life. They are very much loved and our puppies leave with the following for their forever home:

  • Their first vaccinations come with signed vet card
  • Wormed and Flea to date
  • 4 weeks free Pet Insurance
  • Puppy Training pad for the journey
  • Puppy Pack containing food.
  • Micro Chip, which will be registered to you as the new owner whilst you are here.

Their current food and feeding guidelines will be explained for each individual puppy upon collection and you will be given food upon collection of your puppy.

Here at Little Rascals Pets Limited, our staff are available to support new owners with their puppy in making sure that your new puppy settles into their new home.