Bringing My Puppy Home

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Bringing my puppy home

A puppy brings happiness and reward aplenty, but caring for him or her will also bring responsibilities and possibly challenges.

This is a guide to help all new puppy owners in the first few days of taking their new addition to their family into their new home.  All from settling him or her in a dog proof home to training, plus helpful tips keeping your puppy happy and healthy.  Happy reading and remember we are only a phone call or email away for support.

What you will need

There are a few essentials that you will need when bring your new puppy home;

  • Bowls for food and water
  • Puppy food
  • Dog carrier (to make sure that puppy is safe in the car on your journey home)
  • Dog crate
  • Bed
  • Toys
  • Grooming equipment
  • Collar and lead
  • Puppy pad


Don’t worry if you are not sure what will meet your puppy’s requirements, we have a fully stock shop on site and knowledgeable staff to answer any questions.

Settling your puppy into their new home

Dogs are social animals, and when you first get them home, he or she will naturally crave contact and want to feel safe with you.  It’s important you let this happen and do not overwhelm them or feel that you have to stay in the same room with them constantly.  They need to learn that you will not always be there and you need to enable them to be independent. 

As and when they start to meet other members of the family, make sure your puppy isn’t getting stressed.  Just because a puppy rolls over and show’s you their tummy, they may not be asking for a tickle.   It is important that puppies do not get over stressed or exhausted as this can cause their immune system to weaken and allow them to become ill.  Puppies like young babies need their rest.

After any emotional events make sure that you let puppy out for a wee as it tends to trigger the need to go.

Your puppy will want nothing more than lots of cuddles.  This is a great opportunity to get puppy used to contact around their ears, tail, teeth and paws and checking that all is well.

When you are introducing puppy into your home with an existing pet you need to make sure that both have a means to escape.  In the case that the existing pet is a cat do not leave them unsupervised and make sure the cat stays in the home for a couple of days to make sure he/she is fully adjusted to the new addition.


Training tips

It is important to set the puppy’s new routine for day one.  Make sure to show puppy where food and water is, where to go to the toilet, secure bed time area etc.  Puppies learn routines really quickly.  Reward all good/desired behaviour with cuddles, love, and their favourite activity.  There will be times where puppy may doing something that you do not want but remember shouting at the puppy does not always teach the puppy that that behaviour is not acceptable, simply make no vocal commands and puppy needs to go into an area away from the family.  After a short time continue routines as normal.  Puppy will soon favour to behave for the reward they will crave for, love and attention.

Puppies are not use to being on their own and it is important that the puppy feels secure when leaving them for the first time.  A crate is a great tool to enable them to feel secure and protect them from any potential hazards they may find.  When it comes to bed time it is important that the same routine is held each night (puppies have not really got a strong sense of time but love routine).  Take your puppy out to go to the toilet, then put them into their sleeping area with a last cuddle of the night.  The first few nights can be hard as the puppy will cry to strive for attention.  As long as puppy is safe in their crate there is no reason that they are coming to any harm.  After a few nights puppy will realise that you are still close by and happily go to sleep.  Should you require any more support with night time routine our knowledgeable staff are only a click or a call away.  As soon as it is morning make sure that you take puppy out for the toilet.  Then normal day time routine to resume.

Toilet training can be one of the most frustrating times and as puppy grows he/she will learn to hold for longer periods.  Puppy training pads are a great tool to encourage puppy to indicate that they need the toilet.  Place one at the exit you want puppy to go out for the toilet and when puppy makes their way to use the pad take them outside and reward them once they have been to the toilet.  Your new puppy will have accidents and is normal till they learn to ask to go to the toilet, so it is important to not discipline them but to show them where they need to go.