BBC Look North Interview

BBC News interview

UPDATE: 7th Feb 2018

Recently it has come to light that the BBC have been receiving threats of a serious nature due to an unedited video we featured on this page, and on our YouTube channel. We have made the decision to removed the video and will do all we can to help the BBC in there effort to find the people responsible for this hateful, offensive and threatening behaviour. The cowardly protestors that are up in arms seem to think they can hide behind the anonymity of the internet, and this recent news speaks volumes about the depths these people will plunge to get there own way. If you have any information regarding this, or you know someone that’s threatening to take a persons life over any of our work, then we ask you to step forward and please report it!

BBC Look North Interview

We at Little Rascals Pets Limited have been subject to various criticisms from a very vocal charity Jerry Green Dog Rescue, which have followed hotly on the heels of a failed application for judicial review made by Chancepixies.

We would agree that Jerry Green Dog Rescue are the very best at what they do and have the very best intention in their work we support them hole heartily and support any member of the public that could offer a rescue dog a forever home if possible.

As of today, Jerry Green Dog Rescue are advertising 60 dogs on their website. There are only two dogs which bear any relation to breeds within our breeding program. 

For the avoidance of doubt, we support all our new puppies and owners should they find themselves in a situation where they are no longer able to care for their dog purchased from ourselves by offering them the option of helping them find a new home.

Unfortunately, the Jerry Green Dog Rescue accusations concerning the breeding of our dogs and in particular the Dog Breed Act 1973, the code of practice and the Animal Welfare Act 2006, are at best wrong.  Not only do we adhere to all these Acts and codes every day, we exceed them.

In the same way as Jerry Green Dog Rescue is the best at what they do for dogs in their care, we are the best dog breeders in the UK with the care, love and attention given to all our dogs being paramount.

We are proud to announce our breeding license has been renewed.  As you are aware we have been subject to great pressure brought about by a challenge to our local authorities ability to grant our license. Clearly the petition has been defeated.

The Judgement handed down on the 26 July 2017 centred simply around the duty of the local authority to consider the acts and codes when granting a license.  The Judge articulated in his statement that all parties considered everything they need to consider when granting a license.

We take pride in the love we have for all our animals and as our new 2017/2018 license has been granted we are excited by new plans and we continue to excel in leading the way as licensed dog breeders.